Thursday, March 31, 2011

Welcome to the end.

On May 2nd of 2011, the internet as we know it will be dead. The mighty AT&T has decided that instead of giving it's customers what they pay for, they will dictate your online actions through the use of capping your internet usage.
  • Want to stream HD movies  from Nextflix? Fine but you can only watch X number of movies!
  • Want to Skype call Grandma? Fine but you can only talk for X number of minutes!
  • Want to buy games from PSN, Xbox Live, Steam? Fine but only buy a few because you may go over!
  • Want to use a streaming game service like OnLive? Not on our network Mister!
  • Want to use an online backup like Carbonite? You may have to wait a month to restore you data!
  • Want to start using the Cloud? 
  • Want to sling a TV you recorded to your laptop?
  • Want to use Apple TV or Roku?
  • Like to watch video online?
  • Want to legally use the internet however you see fit? Build a time machine because those days are over!

 So I plan to use this blog to document my experience with the death of the internet. If you are in the same situation I encourage you to start a blog as well, only don't include any pictures or graphics because you may exceed your allowance.

Remember, live free or die even on the Internet!

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